It will take times of torturous tenacity for her to instantaneously replicate these past endeavors of facetious bewilder, to enviously reimburse her thirsty soul once more

And still somehow smiling harder than never imagined before. Yes! She’s been left to superficially remain rather radiant-faced and painstakingly overcome with these lackluster albeit equally pummeling levels of disheveling over-emotion..

Indeed – this has undeniably been the both starry-eyed and forlornly encapsulating story of one gorgeous girl and her fancy, dancing guitar strap… which had been eagerly given over to her by one beloved father — he who dared to graciously care since the eager-faced beginning.


To enthusiastically spare these morbid feelings of crushing anguish aside paralyzing angst of misunderstanding from coming to colossal fruition yet again – –


‘Til it all starts at dancing unashamedly with-in: the living, seething pulsation of each of every brand-new and singing guitar string.