They ran away with themSelves again and it does seem to have felt all a little bit— Brittle and, so to speak, meekly interpretational actually; although the need to NOTeveragainKnow..

How to bring the whole house to a suffocating standSTILLwillRemainAFocusFIRSTthing — of endless endeavour(!!) There IS a PASSION-of-pill and it seems seriouslySuggestiveIndeed.

“When we bother (ourSELVES) to BrEaThe That is precisely when..

We’ve all been officially acting a smidgen egotistical again.” One more ownership of pen, or so they seem to say it so very TYPICALLY well, as the rest of them TORN-ASUNDER people

… … attempt to catch-up with YET+ANOTHER of their one-millionth aforementioned BESTBREATHS: definitely bruised and brushed-aside at the seams, even.

Although— there IS(!!) a cussed DamN DelivErY of Volleyed VerbalAbuseHappening, and they “N-E-E-D to use their magnificent-heads again.”

Or. Else… . This ship WILL —- pick itself up, ACTUALLY, and walk by its wandering legs somehow