She trusts anyone but herself, because to delve within this shallow mind shall cause all sorts of manically awry upheaval

See, while ago, once upon a sickening yonder, they crushed her bone-dry alabaster everything and it still hurts, nestled to fall at the crucified core of her arrogant being

Beautiful, no doubt
Amounts either way forth, albeit unable to see why it is exactly – simply an easy life that she’s been longing, begging, for

Cherish it all and dive subtly suggestive headfirst – til the insatiable thirst is just an outlandish thing with wings painstakingly illustrated upon, the balancing act supremacy

Set to meddlesome Seed

She breathes amidst wildfire, disguised by ‘light’

And he sees it all, every next piece, vividly

He is your eyes