They silence their minds and then.. they f-i-n-d the futility of time/- to hardwire their non-despondent souls some MORE.

They witness
While we watch them carry their plagiarised pArOdIeS to the end of their tenuous tether

These hell-sent, particular and prioritised PeOplE(there goes that lopsided word again!) that cannot even BEGin —

To tie their own shoelaces(this time): Give. Us. A. Break. Because this is starting to f-e-e-l —

More like an outlandishly descriptive element of sentimental aNiMoSiTy/ shared secretively between-
Three versions of the very same person- supremely SaNe again and ABOUT to w-i-t-n-e-s-s and WATCH us borrow their favOURite best sentences so that WE can actually begin

By tiring our W-i-R-e-D wits “RIGHT THE ENTIRE WAY OUT!!”

And to the nth degree of indisputable humanity? Therein-wherein(!?!), he WILL remain dutiFULLy devoted to this literary thing, “rare ‘n’ all that it IS!”

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