He feels quite spectacular, someone worthy of anyone but for this humongous choke-hold going on – it’s been toying with, destroying his damn almost everything – breathing to beat these typified odds
Spectacular for its unjust fashion alone
All of it undeniably juxtaposed – when one half is lost, the other adamant upon absolute fantastical times
It lies resolutely within these shrinking – violet eyes, crying, bawling out for your undivided
Attention to mention him a million times over, only these quivering shoulders have grown seriously, forlornly, agonisingly so cold
Don’t suppose he could ever get to pick up right where he left off
The ten – year – old child – soft to the touch – with unprised diamonds flickering and gleaming inside of aforementioned eyes
A living, breathing Impossibility it only seems to be right about now
When he can taste it yet barely even begin to begin to start to Feel It
He’s Down Upon His Ravaged Knees begging you, Please
When probable Genius gets tangled on up