The happiest couple in the world, no two ways
Everything they did they did together, whether sick or having the time of their lives this truly was the perfect husband and wife team
A serene nature about them, or so the priest said on their wedding day
All he had to say was this, “You can only ever give it your best shot”
And that is what Harold did, he made sure that his love for her on any given day was exceptionally pure, didn’t matter if she was having a bad day, for instance when she lost her dear younger brother in a motorbike accident, when what was heaven sent was taken too early, he left her to her own devices, made sure that he kept him in his prayers
When the cancer struck she was right by his side, wouldn’t let him slide even if this was rather inevitable
Still, those close by, even with their good health, couldn’t but feel rather enviable
Theirs a love lost in this day and age, the simple things in life, funny to say but that last sandwich they got to share, onion and sage, mounds of butter made it all worthwhile
Only her now and though she feels the pain, the heartache, all she has to do is visit his grave in order to make her lonely heart quake
A love like no other