Lopsided dreams and scattered emotions for the period of peripheral person who hold their held breath the longest til it becomes the least important thing to anyone else. People with sweetly diction at the top of the tip of each tantamount tongue set upon SURVIVAL.

These… dreary days are made to be broken and bright and brought to LIFE

BY A THUNDEROUS EYE for over intelligible ‘drivel’ and DRIVE— yourselves to a MaDDenING point of permitted pandemonium of the MiNd: “breathe breathlessly, please!” and all other convertible instances

Corner yourselves; concern yourselves; make them WANT to WARM to EARNING your every silenced worth.

And, please, Good G*d pl-EASE.. just remember to REMIND YOURSELF so motherfucking well —

That these are ALL just a SPLURGING of wanderlust WORDS with nowhere else to land…
But for the palm of your page-turner hand