We don’t even seem to mind so much; how that cookie crumbles may just remain
A sizeably plain-mundane thing; mandatory mundanity, eh? What of it, though.. and what if it MEANS EVERYTHING actually.

These artists with their hands, heads AND MeaNdEriNg of MinDs attesting to find(and fund) the time-

To say an extra-$pecific and terrifical(!) thing, only in a MOST ultimately game-faced instance

They will Stand-Out ‘Til Left ThemSelves Typically (besieged) From The Rest; and Keeping Constantly Abreast A-N-D AFRESH(!) they shall ultimately embark UPon another… other… … OTHER such avenue of fast-thinking explanation

To renew AND REJUVENATE our created landscape- an escapist’s treasured and pleaSUREd endeavour Away: From aforeMENTIONED (again) plain-faced mundanity
They will sit and watch the telly whilst we see everything

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