They haven’t even been acting Advantageous at all anymore, haven’t even done their Damned Dastard Finest(phonetically speaking) to upset said aforementioned applecart. What. We. Appear. To. Have. Here – is an EVENTual lEvEl of chosen goodness of spontaneous m-I-n-D, their bravery HAS in-DEED spoken to sPEAK —

For itself, actually. These are the dazed and deliriously CONfused dAy$ of ultimate verbatim, as we stART(!!) to a-c-t outrageoUS AND encyclopaedic in equal meaSUREment, perhaps.
What we HAVE been and HAVE done and still WILL do is —-

Matter-of-fact Hahahahaha-hilarious, actually. And it ISN’T even an act at all. It isn’t EVEN this fighting-F-I-T ENDeavOUR and for the sake of FECKSAKE s-u-r-v-i-v-i-n-g

To DO their best they have dutiFULLY dOvE RiGhT THE eNtIrE wAy In aGaIn and delicately digressed AND… time has taken

Itself OH SO VERY… seriously well(?!) Naaah… not in THIS pARTicular and s-a-n-e-l-y suggested instance

Their stance IS real and it IS: above anything else other than THAT… probably, PERHAPS, a makeshift master-peace(!)