Common as muck
Actually, muck would in fact be an outright compliment
Of lying sorts – nonetheless she fought against this unbearable upheaval
And took the whole event on At Maniacal Will
Still here, choking this microphone for unashamed life
Beatbox to within a boisterously flamboyant inch of a quixotic being
The flavour has been rather knowingly distilled, peel these eyes wider than simply that, why won’t you just sing peculiar things
To seriously unawares, tempestuously placed us
These people will sit and wonder about a sincerely poky-voiced individual
Yet, still… ’tis ‘Freedom Street’ that shall continue to ferociously open up many a magical door in altogether back-handed jest
She’s got the secret but, it just has to be asked, do we indeed hold the prioritized key
Hyperactive, wave-haired pie-ball, please…
With a quiff only matched for inadequacy by these wannabee pucker-lipped quips of personalized hers
Present yourself as best you can
Yet, do yourself a mammoth favour, never, ever be a loud-mouthed presenter of other people’s words as such
T r u s t in your yourself