And so we went DAFTly as hell into the deliberately unknown when REALLY it’s all of it been: a buzz of blue-blooded people who seem… sugarcoated NECESSARILY AT THE SEAMS. She’s

Thinking of the way to mayhem and out the other side again, even been Bolstering her OCD-Mind to make it matter (anyway). “When she writes on automatic to really feel a piece of something which SWIMS AND OF ITS OWN

Chosen, sworn-in Accord(.)” They didn’t really realise the importance of an aforesaid occasionally suppressed automatic entitlement until SUCH TIME AS we all started to regress inside of our

Seriously sophomore-SEEKING heads. “We’ve taken the destitute way back to deafeningly enlarged AND ESTRANGED happiness, we’ve even — held our minds at OCD-bay and WAY BEYOND OBLIVION anyway and BATTED AWAY AGAINST ALL OF THE UPSIDE-dowN oDdS of an ostracised mind.”

Maybe there’s this thing about trying to think one-thing per-time, that it really hasn’t ever even been its MESMERISED own thing (!!) What we really want, though, is utter…

Exploration (of the Fittest) only (it) mUSt be minUS the NON-“STOP!!” sensation-slash-paralysation Of a properly heartfelt person and presumed-to-be

+++ negging themselves along And aforesaid : “against all of the oddest of oDdS.”

When their world turns to earn…

A sizeable extent of heARTfelt, (having) even welcomed themselves
To the party called

“Prioritised Procedure-Lists, plEASE.” And make ‘em mother ******* mayhemFILLED (because we can AlTeR oUr MoTher ******* stance !!!) to ENHANCE tHeir mother fucking CUSTOMISED purPOSES