When we sorted ourselves out And singlemindedly also worried ourselves to the bone – we’ve got a lot of troubled time in our minds and we can shall and JUST HAVE

This vicious way to say: “it’s good at being bad at being idiotically false facade-d.” Probably. Was it all a bad-dream and were they all REALly only ever

—-))) applying themselves behind closed, CLASPed and ColdHearted(!!…) Doors on purpose or..

“Was everybody ElSe painting a brand-new and inesCAPABLE picture of themselves.” When it sure DOESN’T take a geniUS to thrive transformative-ly, perhaps, but it does indeed

Take an ingenious level of LevelHeadedAwareness:: to prepare themselves for the
Fall from earth; “outsmarted and

Hahahahaha—->submerged, in something softly *******l and (stILL)
g. One scraped fingernail per time. When their bRaInS skip… a beautiful heartBEAT..

“and our eyes meet with their upside-down demise(?)” – illogically speaking