No two ways
I was a foregone conclusion
Absolutely dead and buried
At least inside of my own head anyway
A penny for your thoughts of utter despair, perhaps?
She said
That way I’d be an out and out millionaire!
All owing to these God awful delusions
Wholly and completely excluded from this world of ours
An absurd, unforgiving degree of falsity
There of course an outside armour of sorts
Terribly disarming though, hidden by a farmer’s tan, embarrassing clothes
I pose a real dilemma
I have to ask you this, do we really reap what we sow, I do hope not
A horror show to a point of no return
All that I might have earned stolen away in the blink of an eye
A crazy, unappreciated demise
Clinging to my vile of hope
Will I get to have my day again?