Outrage and meticulous misfortune. A thing which these artists have purposefully done to create a surrounding sense of ScintilLATEd ignorance again, for Their lives to represent and therefore unequivocally PRESENT themSeLveS to have been ….

A good and Seriously situational endeavour (boisterously!) wherein- bygones remain just that, and emotionally empty-headed pEoPle seem to f-e-e-l faraway for themselves and UTTERLY both f-e-r-o-c-i-o-u-s-l-y

Opening their monitoring of mind to their very own upsetting moment of money-faced and dawn-BreAkiNg interpretation: this imp is the kind THAT HAS MANAGED (miraculously) to fundANDfind its VERY-OWN way to say…

“Exactly what is has been MEAN-ing to BE:lieve!” Today

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