They were these stereo physical people of pure and utter hurtful misnaming and behavings and we had to call them out on their minds again – what day shall we choose to say it: “that it’s all of it a lacklustre affair in evil minded anticipation.”
The time it takes to write it down and out of our minds is:: sporadic and spontaneous and certainly.. a fairly ego-blissful thing of

Rosy red reckoning. “Again, though(..) what of it when..

—- they were sleeping we take all our minds and make time.. stand argumentatively still…” And what IF(!!) we choose to f*ck with no one else ever again except for

These hard of hatred criminals with lopsided time on theirSide(.) If it’s a misnomer then who cares anymore(?) and if it

Was meant to f-e-e-l so very alarminglyReal(..) “then WTFuuuuck(!) were they doing to create ego blissful awareness when

the rest of us were.. tying our minds and imaginations to the size of the skyline at night?”