Theirs isn’t the only way to see AND seize it, “of course NOT(..)” And HOW(!?) they have acted was

Probably an inescapable YET EVER-capABLE ENDEAVOUR, actually: with these endlessly EFFERVESCENT AND entertaining expressions OF THEIRS AND these laugh-out-loud moments meshed creatively back together..

They will NOT do ANYTHING ELSE anymore… to judge Themselves YET again, EVEN-IF, AND when, they shALL all whisper it, FrightFULLY so, we DO know exactly how it f-e-e-l-s—-

To be Unsure-As-To: their VERY-OWN utter whereabOUTs NOW. “HOW’S about IT..
They take the tIme To Testify as to their vErY own state of balanced eQuIlIbRiuM: immediately, plEASE(!)”

There’s this LIKEly feeling that it’s All-Of-IT Been— beautifully bedridden. inDEED// they w-i-l-l force themselves to GORGE AND feed

ImmeasurablyAmidst: the imprisonments of the CENTury