With the face of an angel and the body of a beast, we just did not mix
Relative fire inside of my belly but never enough for me to ever get to wax lyrical
Albeit that is exactly what I want to do right this minute
Miraculous, really, one such person’s inane ability to stand the test of time
Close your eyes entirely, think about someone else completely, if only for a while
Half-arsed smiles which did indeed seem to take her for a few too many utterly compulsive miles
When one person works and the other may just not so much
Go your separate ways!
A touch, caressing the wrong kind of body altogether
Steady on, be oh so careful not to direct her too far wrong either
I’m on song, whilst I get this aching feeling that she will need to take a step back, breathe her particularly hasty impression on in another far more reliable direction
Seems to now be the case, fire inside of an Italian man’s middle-aged belly
He has the required rage; I do not, thank the Lord!
Nonetheless, I do wish you both oh so well
Bottom line has to be this, something always smelt fishy
Right from the tumultuous beginning
These sins, thank FUUUCK they are thinning!