We were not what you might like to call considerate at all actually, but rather.. these interfering somebodies of no known abode at all(!!) and even when, “or If(?!?!?!?)” we seized the whole wide world again – and viciously inside of our ulterior Pen, then “ahem.. it might not have been so bloody living clean and PristineReally.” And, like that, with a shot of well-wishingWhiskey to-the-gob..

They dropped to their knees and STOPPED THEMSELVES FROM doing anything at all anyMORE.

They are fictitious people, actually, and that’s.. relatively fine. “So.. when we catch our next ocd-breath -best out there, and please consider US… illy repaired… .”

But this thing livingMisShaPenLy inside had no known above all else abode either —- except to say: “we were NEVER SO VERY BRAVE WHILST BEING admittedly interfered with.”

Remember-it-WELL: We have it all inside of a clasped together good-and-gracious FIST.. to call ourselves FIT… to follow the leader. “Because we will happilyIndulgeOurselvesAgain and do our ((very)) best

——-)to disappear and in
Plain-view ofSight.” We m-i-g-h-t just set this worldAlight. Without even trying.