A modern-day movie mogul, now but a malfunctioning mothball and imprisoned to officially recede

Into self-deprecating obliteration, “pl-EASE!” –


Whimsical, albeit equally well sought after, indeed – a who-dunnit? of unbeknownst intelligence.. albeit equally masterful at failing to cease and release


This jaded, oft-than-not olden-day recurrence of Sophisticated Vulgarity from reaping a “sincere-most” sort of ungainly disdain..And unnaturally caused by a heralded sense of nonsensical havoc which lies mischievously both mysteriously with-in…


And YET, ever-still, she WILL incorrectly attempt to sooth his broken soul once more


And all via an oddly disturbing sense of manufactured and maniacal infatuation: So soft to the airbrushed and unofficial touch this time, albeit simultaneously able to rudely brutalize any unknowing, unknown lonely girl.. so far as it goes –


To. The. Bothered. And. Entrapment. Parts. Of. Her. Bare. Naked. Bone.


Yes, indeed, she’s been left to riotously remain: A rather once-upon-a-peaceful-person.. and problematically pushed to a point of pure-and-utter indescribable disdain… … ..


But who the fuck!!! on this utterly uncertain Earth will We ever get to blame… .. but for one mere, eager, ogre-man of many a marvelously mishandled infatuation…

Herein will sadly lie a twisted and black-blooded situation, namely wherein – her pink adolescent blood inevitably became ..


A river of Virgin red again.