There’s an inkling in there to someWHERE and plACE(!?!) f-a—r Better-OFF in-fact; something ideally IdIoSynCraTiC AND bombastically aware—> as time stARTS to D-ART(!!!) and CEASElessly cReAte

—its very own state of HyPeRAcTiVe DespairANDdetermination, plEASE:; to pair it ALL back TOGETHERagain andNECESSARILY WAS to.. a-c-t, ACTually…… —-><><>

A further rungAbove and, THEN, SOMEthing else admittedly EsTraNgeD-from-the-REST of these wideAWAKE pretenders —-//

ADMITTEDLY, they’ve EVEN been p-l-a-y-i-n-g the EVERLASTING game as if—-

it has had it very OWN sense of UnSeTtLiNg Neanderthal wisdom andEVERSINce the QUICK-thinking BEGinning—->

When these sophoMORE souls (OF OURS!) EXPLODED ONTO THE SCENE (yetAGAIN) and w-I-s-h-e-d Oh, so fucki*g WISELY…

to Think Of ThemSelves:: as the smarTEST persons LIVINGalive(…….)

All of their ALLies WILL in-fact L-i-E and say
That their (favOURite Best) NEMESIS’S days ARE, IN Fact, outRAGEously numbered // unequiVOCALLY

AND numerically sPEAKing, they’re about as DeadAsDeadCanBE(..) As the metaphorical Dodo-bird, and that will take the pain away… probably… …