A Wide World concerned with modern-day chaos – which will cut to the core of unreported ambivalence once more

Yes, indeed: These are the disorganized speech patterns which lie mischievously beneath

That of unbeknownst and plagiarized eyes sometimes.

And yet, ever-still… they will fight tongue-and-cheek whilst simultaneously searching all by themselves – both with, and of, nobody else

She’s admittedly been reaching and graciously gathering this far-a-way feeling of utmost circumspect delusion which s-w-i-m-s freely Beneath.

Those insistent both incessant lessons of Resolute Resolve, Where-in this ticker-tape parade of unannounced and decidedly both deceptively UpSide down sense of nonsensical behavior begins to mean

Absolutely Every thing put upon this heaven-and-hell Earth, when heaven opens up yet hell shall gladly interrupt..
The shape of her greatest, unknown fate – for there will come one time when these shadow-cast skies must silently multiply to riotously realize – the mere, eager penetration of ambivalent eyes

Here-in lies: A heart distantly-both-disgustingly denied.