They were taking their time now – aligning it like a pair of mother effing folklore wannabes. Drinking beer to crystal=CLEAR their DimeADozen Dostoyevskian brains yet again, w-h-e-n… they had the outright audacity to add

Y-E-T another term AND TuRn of CATCHEDandCAUGHTEN~phrase to the jaded~… eQuAtiOn. What they r-e-a-l-l-y mean to say is that:: “we were going at it like a pair of overENTHUSED reprobates

.. when it started to make all kinds of NArrOwMinDeD Sense; Cept for the FUNdaMENTAL fact that —)) everyone else had bothered to BOTHER themselvesAGAIN.”

When said SADfaced equation abruptly interrupted itself.. “or IS there ANY OTHER waY(?!)” The evils were rambling at the top of their violent little VOICEboxes while the remainder of them

D-i-r-t-y-LITTLE-devils did their Damndest to finally FULLY-fixate at being —-) “particularly radical and creatively thankless at the end• When they were HEAVILY dependent UPon

Causing their own swan-songs of Mind to CrEaTiVeLy~combine and make: every next thing seem like a SUDDENLY~SO~VERY needless pursuit. Indeed—- •they did all of it with

Their dystopianANDhugelyDiSfiGuReD points of V-I-E-W acting PUTRIDLY selfCritical-SLASH=instantaneously beneficial.

“It’s edging toward being EFFINGwell OFFICIAL(!!)” They broke the bReAd and smashed their BACKstabbing headsTOGETHER—- “in search of something S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y delirioUS this time•