More than most
Toasted the country over by all ‘n’ sundry
Pink rabbits raised against the sky
The absolute apple
Pummeling each ‘n’ every syllable into their brains
Or is this all just a ridiculous waste of time, really?
Not so much if he gets just one chance to pierce that page
Touch deftness ’til one single poem regains serious aplomb
The poem which speaks oh so rambunctiously to a person with a necessity for outright interjection
A story unfolds, all of its own accord, bold for all intents, sailing along with a surefire purpose
Tuck on in, make it your early morning ZEN
Coffee ‘n’ crumpets to one side, a wry smile fills a whole room, one travailed line at a time
You were doomed from the beginning, you sink while you’re swimming
Created in order to offer up a certain degree of literary sedation
We all long for a little or a lot of the above
A word-piece that cannot but interrupt a most harrowing day, betray completely poor and insufficient writing
Of mighty importance, resilience runs right through
Will only a few of you ever lending an ear, a monocle-esque eye, really do right now?
Somehow we don’t think so