To design things for a lock-in living until that living is Prettily Pristine: it’s been.. a vagabond society of lopsidedly aware PeopLe Who DO (not!) want to

— learn their (VERY) own state of artisTIC tRaIt. They are actually All About A Red-Ribbon Society, of endlessly expressive Queues of

Prioritised AND PERSNICKETY PeOpLe; it’s.. to think about this thing a WHOLE L-O-T more.. would be to—- –

RightFULLY reSTORE a sense of MisChiEvOuS bliss with-IN ALL-OF-WE, have been trying NOT to T-H-I-N-K about any-thing OR anyone ElSe anymore

And it IS, in-FACT, a f-i-n-e and strAngEly Beautiful Feeling of furioUSly effedUP AWARENESS, indeed……

AforeMENTIONED AS-IT-ALL-MAY-BE— she has turned her TRY-athlon-of-tongue COURTEOUSLY toward the trend of UPsetting

Everybody ElSe, only NEVER-herSELF!! “Because.. her effervescence IS her intelligence”