It’s a point of pure and utter total insanity actually- only in a most fittingly upsetting and creative sense

Of neverending cReAtiViTy, actually; these painters and Arrival of antagonised Artists have altered their very own state of ill-awareness. Have even

Very nEARLY Ceased plagiarISm and wisely DO wish NOT to PLEASE(!) these weakminded pEoPle of aforeMENTIONED definitely-both-deafeningly UPsetting (lack of…) intelligence

To shut their minds immediately right-down-now(!) and to the eclectic wire
Of their honesty and homespun atmosphere… …

So near.. and HEAR THIS PARTICULAR THING, plEASE: that it is NOT your issue but for the flatline that LIES(!!!) mysterioUsly between your lOpSiDeD heart and your reCONfiguration of aGiTaTeD eye-line-

That consequential piece of evidential verbosity at-hand AND mind: hurts it SO MUCH… to find itself ultimately FlAiLinG AND failing to reach for someplACE else———

They will sEeThE and r-e-e-l themselves in with enough bothered bOtTlEs of liqUor to dAnCe their wickedly suppressed bOnEs to the core of their restorative beings. Only one

And she D-O-E-S know this; that it WILL inevitABLY dance and dAnGlE
From a noose, a rope.. their HOMESPUN(!!) chokehold – NO MORE H
E: Haha!!? Naaaaah…