There’s a point to all of the scribbles, I know that much. I’m not entirely sure just what it is yet, but I’ll get there I’m fairly sure. Dunno. It’s.. difficult to say how I approach it. My style, I mean. You’re keen as hell to create, that much I do know. But, as I’ve said before, probably plenty of times, too. But, it is like as if I am trying to create as exact as I can manage to muster somehow a literary representation of these artist’s images that I see on Instagram. The better the painting, etc. appeals to my literary senses the more chance of the poem-piece coming together all the faster and more succinctly for me. But how do you actually create… a perfectly comparable knockoff version of said paintings, etc. with words instead of paint, pencil, etc.? Is that part of the deal left entirely down to the reader and their separate imaginations? Am I perhaps destined to make do with receiving the compliments as to how my style can go about setting the readers minds alight while never actually getting to imagine the visual for myself with my scribbles? Dunno, and it’s… a weird place to have landed myself at. That much I do know.