Yes, he took his time to whisper it at her nestling earpiece, each a pair of enthused and LOUD-hearing, judgmental things; together they’ve weathered

A storm to warm any future, forward and FAST-thinking state of merry-faced equilibrium. Even been to the back-of-behind and smiled, incessant and regardless of that Livid-Seething thing, called “the Darkening of our Doors!”

What he has ((actually)) done to reach her is a matter of self-congratulatory approval
Moving MOUNTAINS to be everMORE near. Her selfless sense of selfish DISREGARD, of ONLY-ever unGUARDED bliss, perhaps?!

She is equALLy bewildered-and-brimming! And all-of-it owing to both her AND him: each of them fidgeting and laid nestled creatively together again / a perfectly enthused pair

Of perfectly imperfect people / sordid AND REAL!

Who knew. That to own the whole snide-eyed world… … pitch-perfect and outRIGHT!!

Means to wine and DaNCe AND utterly dine- as though, ABSOLUTELY

Nobody’s been watching The strength of their forEVER mInDs!

“Oh, but if she saw what he did to be here it REALLY would take her best breath away”

— set to stay. Wide-eyed and, ultimately, a good and fine man of advanced hearing…
And wishing for her: an equal equilibrium

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