This particular face holds corrupt distaste for manky – handed hostage
This pen bleeds nothing but accurate and typically poisoned pain within
The piercing cliché left to shame her oh so greatly
She’s seen something outright agonising – bed – ridden to thieve it all away
– The inefficient Holy Grail –
Paying for one sin or assumed other, it’s attempting to follow a rip – torn, worn – out suit
Of absolute grandiose upheaval
These words shall course and bandage, abound themselves right round her falsified exterior – enough rivers of self – sacrificed blood to flood any known man and woman with feels locked upon strong
Where manic industrious work takes proven, bold and coldened hold a little on up a yonder
Where the pirouette and pile – drive hand cannot but take to fleeting dance however paralysed this mind may be
Sweat with no real place to roam but for the inner – workings of the glistened gun which she will press time minus time against her barely there chest
And the sadness suddenly transforms itself to imagined Silent Sensation all in the blink of a treakling eye
Genius quintessentially relinquished by flight, the fight too far to bear