The beauty, the ornate and highly indefatigable levels of thankless transgression- of fields filled and houses happening (again). Of perishing people who will oft-than-not pair themselves off justifiably and just so well..

To perchance pick a daft and dutiful both utterly unique daffodil. This time

Is to sit and knowingly unwind with their (splitted) wits at half mast, their cast of fine, fine shallow actors cometh to them by stereotypical way of aptly artificial Hollywood atmosphere

Directors and podcasters perchance justifiably interwoven, those same sane persnickety individuals who surely should’ve achieved their greatest productivity by now

To ultimately get to sit back and wrought-iron retaliate is to rather

jovially become these beautifully begotten people once more, is to tantalise their instinctive insides and, so very suddenly soon, to shudder and softly think..

Of one-another-such ulterior way back to forever belonging to somebody else: To ANYBODY ELSE… but of themselves!!

As that nocturnal noise of the Neanderthal and Spritely alive nighttime starts to fling a reckless and far-flung noose far too far altogether, even if it st-ill will feel…

far too mild and only half of the time – indeed, and perhaps perchance for them to gently both mentally get to riotously redefining a narrow and skeletal-like narrative shall have to take

Utmost eager levels of eagle-eyed participation when paired itself polarised alongside…

Both instrumentally against

Undeniably kinds of kindly stoutheartedness and, all-a-whilst, the temerity of gentlemanly kinship can courageously proceed, ever-yet, and with a multitudinous sense of grandiloquent and articulate EASE

For these panic-stricken people mean no real harm but for the form of their deepest darkest deathliest desires set-in-stone and, burgeoningly, with only one of ten ways home