Definite and delicate and very much so this.. whirlwind of Trouble and a cryptic ChaOs been happening. They’ve done it a thousand and ONE lonely ol times. They’ve pitched the ‘perfect’ MAsterclAss in

Stilted awareness. They’ve (even) broken-down amidst crowds of crowdedDOWN PEOPLE. “We seemed sellable at best and beyond our own dreams of a dramatic existence At Our Very precious worst.” And about to burst UPON THE scene(($))

Didn’t it take.. a thunderous amount of time for her to climb inside the minds of other sufferers of spearheaded silence, though? –

—- “and SUDDENLY SEPARATED from everyone else.” They’ve earmarked the trouble about to cause itself ChaotIc bEwiLdEr, even

Been besotted about the way they + make tacTiLe and turn-themselves-over IN THEIR BRAVENESS OF gRAVE mistakes to make

… … the upside down people’s minds eventually SMILE: perhaps a balance versus an imbalanced bAlanCe of Relatively Balanced happiness PER-SE. “Because, as it STANDS, they haven’t sat inside of aforesaid cryptic-faced denial (again), haven’t

Pressed their heads against the weight of… undenied intelligence – even if they HAVE TO.” And if she HAS asked for anyone (else) to know of anything which simpers… to ——->sting It’s The Mannerism($$$) in Which They ++

Make aforesaid lopsided and jaded-faced Mistakes.