Dozens and dozens of dozens of delicate and dedicated people who perish the thought, who truly ought to have conceded and carefully, therefore, considered themselves to be.. these wildly inaccurate and ridiculous people who have actually thought about this place far too many times over

To ever get to go back – except for UP inside of their tired and JaDEd heads. Be it on theirs if they do break the code of abstract albeit utterly attractive and appealing reasoning… …

There is a punchbag in there somewhere, and it seems to Have Rolled Its Own Dastardly Dice twice too many times… as all heavily set punch-gloves take
“hahahahaha”-flight- “this is their fight and it isn’t supposed to be anything but for a precious ‘waste of time and space’ – who doesn’t like to imbed themselves in an utter waste of another perfect person’s time anyway?!