The most difficult word to get your teeth around in the whole known world – no-one can simply understand
Of course she longs for their welcoming hands and everything else that may come with it
Can they not simply see that she’s been remarkably spilt?
Picking at each and every downtrodden wit to piece it back together
A rapturous personality left in utter limbo
Roaring to soar only minus the all too necessary foundations set in intricate place
People, namely
Is it too little too late to cellotape it right back together again, everyone needs a real existence
One which lets you speak and laugh and be just who you were born to be
Muzzled to a mind-boggling point, frightfully fractured
There ain’t no such ointment for that, I’m afraid – an empty and lonesome room when, really, there should have been a terrific parade
Simply To Live And To Breathe Is To Be Brave