Where were they even ever getting going though? And was it ALL really the rarest state of understanding AND humanly ImaGinEd? And, if so, “who’s to’ve known the mannerisms which stick-together LIKE SUMMERTIME IN THE bReeZe?”

We have inundated ourselves immeasurably with an able-faced level of delicately played-out paralysis, ACTually. Have even been —> bottom-dollar down on our upside-down, DisHeVeLlED Luck, too. “She’s a million miles back from the rest of them-there

Inaccurate individuals, and they (REALLY DO) seem to like to scheme inside of streamline BraInS anyway.” What was it going to truly take, though, for her to

Get herself into the outsides.. eventually… “of an OcD, ticker-tape, please, BRAIN??” And put… oh, so MotherFuckinG plainly? “We

Stole A rAnSaCKeD humanity and called it aforesaid AS IT ALL (really) WAS= this… dedicated delirium which swims inside of an aforeMENTIONED DISORDERLY liTtLe ticker-tape Brain. Put PLA!NLY: “Instantly ‘insane’ (NOW!!) how they take the best breath(s) back and ask (US) anyway-

For yet another-way-in(, please!).” She’s been asking himself (yet) again for utter

Aforesaid admitted underSTANDINGS, even if

Otherwise we’Ve CONstantly carried presumed-to’ve-been ParalYsED eYeS to the (YET-AGAIN) surFACE of our

Surefire demise. (Even if only ever) Inside of a PSYCHO-analytical mind
Our bruised musicals ——- met at the middle