TiLtEd Triangles and derelict happenings that did tend to misbehave themselves and on-poised-purpose – their lemon-headed demeanour didn’t EVEN seem to wish to walk on its own…
… ThREE feet actually; there’s this unEVEN(!) thing, indeed. That did dOdDeR AnD T-E-N-D to SEEm to have h-a-p-p-e-n-e-d ((to them)) again(..)

And we DO-NOT-KNOW what-to-do aNyMoRe… … MUCH more than NEVER(!!) before, about t(HIS)
uproarioUS(!) state-of-(unofficial)affairs, even if..

calcuLATEd-to-be aforementioned mischievous, it’s a.. bleeding (dry) horse of a CamdenStreet IN=candescent thing, REALLY. And they’ve all been a-c-t-i-n-g

A Little B-I-T wIldLy cOyoTe AbOut-It-AlL, and we w-i-l-l stAND and stir and SIT AND p-o-n-d-e-r another TWO-thousand
Verses of ProfessionalProcrastination, actually, this tIme-

Because, “the p-a-u-s-e: passively suggestIve that it all IS:: just w-i-l-l (not) s-PEAK(!) as if we WEre (ever-even) these precariously/CAREfully hospitalised people — …”

And readily preprocessed AND AGITATINGLY prepared, to stare ourselves CIRCULAR(!?!) in the faith of fACE. “The taste?”

Oh, but for the beautiful f*cking TASTE… …
Ble$s their heavenly fACES