They’ve even taken the time now to resolve all of these past the point of TeNseLy BeGoTtEn EqUatioNs, actually, and it seems that we have —

Altered our very own state of ownerSHIP of mind.. how they go(!) As the ship sets sail times-a-billion overeager membranes(again?!?!?)

They w-i-l-l have been taming.. everything, and THEN..

A WHOLE(motherfucking)LOT MORE unIMAGINABLE things; it’s… NOT the funniest thing in the whole-WIDE-world to talk about anyMORE, although—

She MUST aforeMENTIONED go(!!)… … … with her mind fully intactAGAIN, her self-respect GATHERED graciously BACK… FROM THE brink of..

UnthinkABLE extinction; AND forcibly pushed forth——>> ONCE-MORE.. this ISN’T what we might call

—— a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g-at-all, except to SAY it in w-h-i-s-p-e-r-e-d, wisely ol’ syllables. It’s been

hahahahaha-NOT IN-FACT ALL that HiLarioUs a thing, as the peripheral Person m-i-g-h-t jUSt (PRE)imagine IT to have been…. comically ICONOCLASTIC, perhaps(?) Who truly gives a f**k… … —-//

Out of NOWHERE special anymore.. YES!!! Like a bat out of hell(!!!) and YET, she takes the t-i-m-e to solely unWIND AND Adore—)

Pretty much most of these THINGS actually- beCAUSE she HAD TO SINGlehandedly reinSTATE and reDEVELOP her own sense of immediate inTELLigence, plEASE(!!!)

Let. Her. B. Precisely what he’s been trying to be: as calm as a cottoned-on masterPEACE