It’s been hard to actually understand their lonely levels of overlapping of egocentric pomposity.

Even, perhaps, harder than THAT

For us to actually wish it upon them well – to sit down NOW and, regardless of anything else

To t-e-n-d to their VERY own MONSTROSITY of thoughts this time—-

why? And WHO on earth did these preselected UNelected people believe themselves to have even been

But for… …
these speakeasy characters born with this unshakeable SUNSHINE state of mindful awareness —

And, of course, that self-congratulatory sense of eagerly anticipation which CAN ACTUALLY ANTICIPATE its own state of… in-habitual pOmPosItY.

There is that loosely L-I-T word (again) which sends us all

ALL ElSe: To an earlyDOORS, e-e-r-i-l-y deep AND meaningfully unforgiving
E, As gracious as we all are— for them Once-Upon-An-Ounce-Of-Time.

Same isolation of place where=IN all of these other monstrously OVERAMBITIOUS peOplE wish-to-go. Only minUS the use

Of their cursory words this time: TiMid AND freakishly wrong WERE their merry LITTLE minds. REST IN PEACE, grave diggers Be damned to secretive opinions

We will SCREAM(!) when they breach the surface and REEEEACH(!!) for oblivion..