It’s this priority which didn’t even seem to want to make anymore sense of itself, actually; what we have achieved is fine and fancy and a little BIG bit… ironical and decidedly a definite thing

Of cutting enthusiasm and radicalised eyes of wildly lit passion: these artists are NOT actually Artists at all anyMORE, for they have closed their eyes TIGHT WIDE SHUT AGAIN(rem… and they WILL do well to REMember it!)

Some may say, that they JUST might be these kinds of passion-faced people for one whole ten-millionth deciphering of r-e-a-s-o-n

Their thoughts are NOTHING if not kept in a safeguarding of promising places which cannot AND SHOULD NOT EVER(!) be aNtAgoniSEd
By another peripheral person’s loosely lit eyes

This means war and this will have to have been bloody damn-downright justified and to the Point
Of arguing for the sake of causing the earth to shatterANDsHaKe

Earthquake? Yes please.