After some thinking I reckon it might be time to take a break from writing much poetry besides poems for people. That said, this will most probably turn out a lot harder to do than I say. I guess it’s just something I have grown to love doing during the course of my day, whatever poem takes me. The fact of the matter is, on thinking about it some more, the poems have been getting really good feedback, ones for myself as well as the aforementioned poems for people – so far no-one has felt the need to complain even if one or two have come at me again for a second draft, although on those occasions the people turned out happy out with the first draft in the end. This is definitely something that I want to break while also enjoying the ride along the way. It ain’t gonna be easy, I knew that from the moment I started writing as a kid, but it’s in my blood so I just need to get on with it, keep relatively quiet and pray that it all blows up one day, be it tomorrow or when I’m gone and buried 🙂 It’s not an easy feat to go about breaking it in any kind of literary sense, and I’ve a feeling it might be some time yet before I get to enjoy a pint with friends in the sun – ya right, not unless I move to Spain for the rest of my life – and feel as though they consider me to be a writer of any real kind, so for now at least I’m happy out being a ‘writer’ – inverted commas the truest ones I’ll most probably ever use. Heck, I don’t know if many people even read these blog posts but that’s fine, I’ll listen to myself. So, onwards with the scribbles, very pleased today as I have been writing a poem for a friend that he wants to use during the course of his wedding – no names because the wife-to-be needs not know ’til the moment he starts to read it to her – and he is delighted with how it has turned out. Yes, he went and did it, he used the word genius in a sentence involving yours truly. I’m not the prettiest penny in the world when it comes to many things so I don’t even really know if genius is altogether as good a thing as people think – maybe it’s a relatively imbalanced person finally starting to get the balance just right and rather than spend their time fixating and wasting it on a million ‘problems’ they can fixate on one, mine being writing. Make sense? Anyway, I’m happy out with being able to go about pleasing him and making his wedding day nerves subside somewhat. Now all he has to do is worry about the other million and one things going on that day that could go wrong but won’t. Cheers buddy 🙂