Blue harvest, full moon- the many times that we Decided to diversify our lives / Sat and stayed and VALIANTLY vacationed inside.. of our wonderfully AdDlEd and apostrophised minds! Sometimes!

It’s all just a squabble really… between the sleeping, slumbering intelligence which asks for the findings of its fondness for forging that dogDAMNIT newness of interpretational portrayal via ANY alternative medicine that it can, called… comfort-in-numbers.

Yet, There Will HAVE To Have Been a PLAYFULLY PLAGIARISED piano in this; a loud mouthed, boisterous and PAINTerly masterclass.. One that will have to, have to… HAVE TO ask

For these indulgences of rapid-fire and youthful over-exuberance that STAND awhile… … &DANCE!!

A sanctuary of dance that CANNOT BUT ASK for her canvas of manicured, OUT—-STRETCHED hand BACK.. As all merriment-men of classless creation simultaneously carry with them those dogdamnit aforementioned alternative desires.

Back to the piano hand, HERE we go… with our sordidly expressed aforementionedDESIRES

Acting… acting… … ACTING THE WRAPAROUND MAGGOT AND- – – outrageoUSly feeling: “Alice in Chains” Alive again.