Like… relatively magic
Will not breathe upright to care
Which person speaks meaningless of Him
These Are Not simply nature-driven stories
See, he is doing, fair feeling everything which he always relayed to one’s self – this parade has started to gather rap-right-round your mind steed
e v e r y t h I n g
i n
And take yourself to breathe on a collaborated par, please
Here you were, his absolute in between – false aside fictionalised dawns right by the middle
Quite necessary prior to destroy under-productive ego
The challenge is his very own
Proposed to one’s self manner of creating a vocabularific backbone – of course he must do just dangerous this
Certain roundabout words make sense to only one person
He soaks it all in to concentratedly deliver
Mix to hatch a matched, most high-octane plan
And only then it ran away to stay the seriously permitted distance
This isn’t fluke, he has sincerely, agonised-past twisted
Both fingers to toes to hope for fate to smile and wink towards his conscientious way
S a y
W h e n
T h e
S i l v e r
L i n I n g
I s
K i n d
These paltry pangs of pain took one mind to find itself again – of course he shall curse
These final feelings for utter poison still clinging to swarm teetering within
Brimming the outer layer trimmed
For Brian had to hit the bottomed-out everything before heaven loosened it’s religious noose and pupeteered him back to mesmerising life
Yes – to fuck – this juiced pen is his sword, however prissy that may appear to you to be
Recall, he cannot afford to care either way
He Will win outright, and only then will you See