We were (living) inside-out of ourselves again and agitating rather memorable sentences. They seem to’ve turned their tensely set demeanours into their very own FEET-first

Natural kinda TwIst in PILED-high (livid-SeeThIng) proceedings. We’ve been waiting for the day-AND-night to come in equal measurements, even been
Taking tryhard endeavours toward…

the scent of this scintillated SUN: “she doesn’t really remember all of the track-marks oF ouTlandIsh hardship (that happened), even if it’s been beleaguered and pLaYinG an InSufferable song inside

Of her hectically beautiful head.” We reach for utterly (*******) circumstantially imperfectly, we E-v-E-n ourselves out again… … (and) to a largely unknown extent: “us pile-driven people meant to break (bReaD with protocol) inside of our own minds and find

Nothing too calculated to recall it all, actually.” And if we’ve really seen anything then we’ll’Ve simply seen—- the ‘greatest’ TraGedY mapping itself oUT tO hAppEn – “eagerly!!”

Even if: our PEPPERED-in-PanGinGs-oF-pa!N instances have started to become Plain and Perfectly aforementioned ImPerFecTlY(…) Yes, a lesson in HOW TO LOSE YOUR MIND AND FIND—

A far-reaching way to Appreciate All Of Everything