The design was off, just a tad big BIT too much AND THAT’S acutely fine, actually; they didn’t even mean for it to turn out this AND theirVERY(!) own wAY, even though: we had to know —- “just how far we get to go to take back the defining DiFfEreNce.”

When(….) a sunny sensation begins to take Medicinal and Mediocrity of shape(?!) as we listen (once-)again- .. Endlessly

For yet another reason to stick with this particular thing. “It’s been.. longer than longer than LOOOOONNNNNNNG(… … …) in the tooth, actually, and, Well, as for theTruth(?)”

It might just hurt them too much to ever again get to imaGINe it(at-will)), and they won’t ((want to))… … … eventually