He wanders all about, searching aside terrifically longing
This place will need to feed his monstrous soul
Gaping holes where, really, there should always have been miraculous reoccurrence, just must
With his peculiar pen for his only known sword, typically doted upon – then an army of fastidious words came on strong, a brave new salute to the adulation system
Spinning and looping, thinning themselves right the entire way out – fashioned ’til dressed to unequivocally impress
Badges of honour pinned to their each and every beating chest via the necessity for absolute error
Amount to something, why won’t you
When oh so very least suspected it will cause us to tremble and stir like only you and your chosen few can ever quite possibly imagine – turn festooned tragedy to gladragged gold-dust, the wanton lust which swarms rather deceptively within never so unbeatable in all of its knife-edge life
When strife wrote itself on out of you, knelt and burnt away to kickable ashes right by your self-concocted pew