What happens when I’ve written everything I can write
And there’s no rhyme
No nothing
I’ll be lost and looking
Left completely bereft
Is that even possible
Or am I being a little paranoid?
Let it happen at will
If needs be
Hide myself away
Take some sort of pill
Open up my mind all the more
Only kidding
That’d send me to the ledge
Teetering dangerously at its edge
I just have to trust my gut
That things turn up
That I think of a title
And battle hard ’til the rhyme starts to settle
It’s not too easy
Frustrating even
When I wake up and it seems to be gone
Leaves me with something of a shake
Wondering how I manage to write hard
Make the earth quake once more
I’ve got the taste for it
They say
So keep on keeping on
Pen in hand
Smile on my face
Stay strong and all should be grand