This is all about the artist and their avid ability to concentrate on everything passion instilled and fighting fit for that sense of SUDDENLY SURVIVAL – GODDAMNRIGHT scintillated, impassioned

And working its way UP to the surefire surface again

& into the late-to-early-and-E-A-G-E-R -am. P-e-n-d-i-n-g

AND FENDING: for t-h-e-m-s-e-l-v-e-s

As the MaGiCaLlY eNhAnCeD AND sprightly mind reflects… to mOrNiNgTiMe FIND: one such manner in which to portray what their dramatic mannerisms (deeply dug deeeeeeeper with=IN)

W-I-L-L wish to say, to v-i-v-i-d-l-y “Portray!”

Please, this s-i-n-g-u-l-a-r and secondary sense of humour and SADNESS and ALL SoRtS of raggedly GLADNESS.

His exacting, OVERREACTING and artIStic mind HAS BEEN suitABLY enhanced by – – –

The sight of ‘Frankenstein’ – i.e. a ‘poltergeist’ IN THE NIGHT that shall G-R-A-B at his overenthusiastic AND QUALIFIED arm

And… … … paint… a perpendicular circle

Until, this particular Artist became g-l-a-d-l-y disARMED

YET again!