They tend to talk to themselves and at purely secretive pace actually, appear to be these thinking people of passed and posed sense of ceremonial significance- They’ve even timed themselves out times a thousand times too many. And yet, these other peripheral people appear to wish to wisely want to remain this way—-

How about they DO by now and forever (delayed) tend to their VERY own state of affairs actually- whilst we decent and decidedly preparatory people whimper near these winding wInDs… …

someMORE – to abhor IS to lose your own state of face

Featureless and gently digressing within and to a purely point of undeniable and unDOUBTED acrimony

An utter mental explosion and these peripheral people are stuck to sink miserably with-in an oCeAn

Of overEmOtIoNaL. catastrophe… actually
And for any artist worth their weight in wavE it feels fantastic