We’ve done it incomplete and a million wide ways to the wide opening of the winds. We’ve very nearly never seen ourselves speak at the height of our

Utter understandings. We’ve always been blue eyed and real and rather recklessly intelligent, maybe. They’ve sat inside of our four-walled corners again with themselves and veered toward towed toward – venting their own sense of inner intelligence with inverted commas dragged and dropped atop and at either side OFFICIALLY, please. And if they really want for

Another whole story of under appreciated witnesses then they’ll really need to do EXACTLY AS THEY’VE DEFINITELY BEEN… “doing with their aforesaid eyes wider than alive and their

Preparatory, long story… “loooonnger…” sentences never relenting.” Endlessly. When we seek to paint a panoramic picture inside of our PAUSED-ON-PURPOSE and BY-UTTER-ErrOr, too, minds. It’s indeed been blinding