What if we will not try to occupy utter silence. And what if we will not relent at having been ABSOLUTELY FUCKING BARKING-Mad DrivEn to the end of unspeakable tethers.

If we are seriously searching for happiness in a concocted glass then they may as well spell-out our names and leave us the ****-alone.

We weren’t really meant to be here, not in this particular way anyway. “As we drove our multiplied minds back-and-forth/back-and-forth until

As miserable and misaligned and against ALL OF OUR WILLpower imaginable.” We’ve cut ties and burnt beleaguered bridges and done absolutely Everything to manhandle the insides of our inescapably incapable and CAPTURED minds.

“If they say how it went within they really would marvel at the way
Some people simply persist.” At having been all of the time uPsIdE-dOwN and IrrItatInglY developMENTAL (again). ((When ten-thousand ELECTRIFYING MENTAL negatives To The Head still manage to make him An ALARMINGLY positive MAN.))

Yet, when to take everything back TO BASICS took absolutely mother-fucking everything and we’ve been working with an algorithm {of its own} {bruising choosing} which carries NO real FUCKING rhYtHm, Let Alone MEANING, anymore

And a brain set to the 30-year-flame. And still prepared to die: with a million-dollar smile:: fully fAlSiFiEd and dAsTarDly attached

To a long-lost and dilapidated mAn
Of so many altered {and nauseated} egos that he cannot {even begin to} breathe

except to see —- absolutely ******* everything which sings AND STINGS. And to attempt to wrote it down in retro-REL!C