It took something utterly diversified for them to realise the errors of a thousand thoughtless ways – how they say and behave is not how they MAY; have wished for this to have been. Leaning in and keenly speaking they do and DID seem

As if: of another mindset altogether. “Perish a thought, please, for these, ahem.. decidedly fickle and frightful minded people” who do seem

INDEED, Unable to think in a straight and ultimately magnified manner(ofDerailedDetail!!)

It may well have been aforesaid frightful and certainlyRegrettable.. and DEFINABSOLUTELY f****** disgusting for its GuSt Of WiNd worth.

However.. and this will have to BeTreasured: “we were taking the time to get our mellowness-of-mind right without everEVEN t-r-y-i-n-g for a mereEAGER(!!) minute— it’s been unfairly calculated and MISspent and the humOUR they hear so DISTINCTLY about(?!)” So f******LOUDLY, Too… … …

It doesn’t Even=exist UPinside of our VERYOwn=boisterous+and+MagnifiedMinds. “Since a child, they feel as if they
L by the wayside— still divided and wasting their NOISINESS-of-time between

“Liking this Life and loving the hell out ofThemselvesY-E-TAgain.” Even when: this particular pen has been BeNt a thOusAnd WaYs to EXPRESS ITSELF pure & properly