We were… singing at full-on pelt {OF PACE} and presuming to have owned these utterly happiness headsActually. It’s

Criminal what happened to Sandra QuickSand as she “spoke to speak in lower TONE of tongue about that state of bliss~fuelled enthusiasm.” We

Weren’t even coming-UP again {FOR FRESH-AIR} to complain to anyone else: FELT, TIPPED and ReAl
~~ WHO(?) would hear us, except: “for our {NEANDERTHAL} selves(!)” It’s a letter to everybody€L$€ to tell them how(?) to SCREAM(!!) at sweltering pACE. === > >

Disgracefully speaking, they had been •• resolving the majority of their very own upside_down and CommonplaceComplaintsActually, and if THAT didn’t make anySenSe as SuCh {TO ITSELF} then /// so mother effing Be~iT(.) We were taking miraculoUS movement over our own

Seriously soothed sOuLs and st~ILL sINKing in EQUALLY paralysing, actually, QuickSand. Their all-out and MANicured/maniCURED hands are = > trying to make everything else feel JUST. LIKE. THIS

“BlackHoleRediscovery, plEAAAAASSSSE !!” Just imagine… managing to matter WHEN NOTHING ELSE MATTERED